hey micah, my friend's been out of school for a few weeks due to personal reasons and she won't be in for the rest of the year. She's been going through a tough time, and I don't know how to handle these kinds of things, but if you could keep her in your prayers I'd be really grateful.


I’m praying that God would intervene in her situation and that everything hindering her from returning to school would cease and desist. I’m also praying that the Lord would imbue you with the right words and thoughts to console your friend in her time of need. 


To those awake, still. I just got a prayer request from a friend on Facebook, for the family Cota Morales. She stated that the father was kidnapped by armed men, and they have no idea of his whereabouts, or if he is okay. Please pray for the Lord’s intervening!

Thank you, and God bless you all.


Please pray for Teal, Michelle, and Elena and I. We are sick.

Prayers for my friend Joy, who is having a job interview, today!

Thank you, and God bless you all :)

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~   Leonard Ravenhill

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Zephaniah 3:14  ”Shout for joy, O daughter of Zion! Shout in triumph, O Israel! Rejoice and exult with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem! The LORD has taken away His judgments against you, He has cleared away your enemies. The King of Israel, the LORD, is in your midst; You will fear disaster no more...”

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You’re my cave to hide in, my cliff to climb. Be my safe leader, be my true mountain guide. Free me from hidden traps; I want to hide in you. I’ve put my life in your hands. You won’t drop me, you’ll never let me down.

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~   Paul Washer