My post a few days ago was obviously antagonistic but we do need to be praying for the people in the LDS Church. It is an organization that has spent more than 100 years actively trying to turn people away from Christianity because they believe Christianity lost it’s way. Following a false Christ is no Christ at all.


A Bedouin child is brought to the emergency room at Soroka hospital in Beersheba, after his home, near Dimona, was hit by a rocket fired from Gaza - 19 July 2014


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Second Lieutenant Bar Rahav, 21, (left) and Sergeant Bnaya Rubel, 20, killed in Gaza - 19 July 2014 - PRAY FOR THE FAMILIES

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i used to follow a blog with the url samtheathleteman and its gone now D: if you relocated let meh know!

So, finally there is a spot open at the town library and I got excited and applied :D and am asking for y’alls prayers, that if it’s in God’s will, I’ll get hired. :)

Thanks y’all, and God bless you!

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~   Elisabeth Elliot

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Antes de abrir la boca,
abre la Biblia.

1 Corintios 13

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